Thoughts on scale:

Scale, "the size of something," "a series of musical notes," or "a range of numbers," it comes from the Latin word scala that means "ladder" or "staircase." - Merriam-Webster.

Scale is one of the hottest word in business right now, how to expand your business, how to grow your business, and unfortunately in the sneaker "resell" business, scaling is a hard thing to achieve.

Just think about the "hottest" shoe that dropped this year (2019), the Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott, hard to obtain, but the margin is high enough to merit a tremendous effort. So everyone try to buy as many pairs as you can get, at as low as possible.

But when the pairs arrive via whatever channel and sold via whatever channel you prefer, where do you go to get more?

The nature of the "limited sneakers" goes against the basic principles of scaling a business.

The challenge is find styles that you can buy and sell 100 pairs of, without an exorbitant amount of work from pair #1 to pair #200. Then do it again, and again.

The sneaker game is a cash grab at times, it's easy to get in, it's easy to understand the process in which how to buy, how to sell, but to accrue momentum in the long run, that will take some work. A lot of work that can't be seen on social media, a lot of work that you can't quantify in the beginning.

10% of an iceberg sits atop the water.